4 Reasons Why You Should Have A Quotebook

Need a good laugh? Or a place to write down some of your favorite memories? I’ve got just the thing for you!


Katelyn Raybell, Writer and Editor

Have you ever heard something so hilarious that you wished you wrote down so you could remember it? I know I have. That’s why I started keeping a quote book. You’re probably thinking, Katelyn, what are you talking about? It’s honestly very straightforward and very easy to manage, not to mention entertaining. I can speak from experience; it is fun to read over with friends or read when you need a laugh. Let me see if I can convince you!

1.    Easy to Add Memories

Nearly everyone keeps their smartphone within arm’s reach of them nowadays. Mine never leaves my sight if I can help it. This makes having a quote book on your phone super easy and convenient. I have an iPhone, so I just use my notes app, its that simple. Anytime I hear something funny or completely random like “but wait, seriously guys, do turtles have toenails?” I just open up my notes app!

2.    Fun to Read Later On

Recently I went on a road trip with my family, we all know how those can go sometimes. Easy solution! Read your quotes from your quotebook! We spent a good 2 hours of the drive reminiscing on all the absolutely weird things people have said. My sister’s favorite thing is when I read all the totally ridiculous things she has said. My favorite being from when she watched Twilight for the first time and announced to the whole group that “I am team Josh”. (There is no character named Josh in Twilight to the best of my knowledge).

3.    Remember the Good Parts

Quarantining was pretty awful for most people. Luckily, thanks to my extensive quotebook from 2020, I can remember the good parts. From the iconic moments my teachers had, to the funny things my friends would say. Not to mention the times when I had my moments, like when I totally forgot that papayas existed (I know…) and I screamed in the middle of Safeway, “papayas are real?” Not my finest moment, but it cracks me up now. It makes it feel like there was some good that came out of it, even if it didn’t feel that way then.

4.    Easy to Organize

For all of my fellow avid organizers, a quote book can be extremely satisfying to create. I have a 4 quote books and a shared quote book with my friends from 2019. So how do I keep track of them? Luckily, thanks to technology, it’s really easy. I created a folder in my notes app dedicated to quote books so I can always find them. I labeled them all by year, but its fun to give them titles. I pin my current quotebook to the top of the folder so it’s the first one every time. If I can offer a piece of advice, it would be: PUT THE CONTEXT!


*Sneezes really loud* Friend: wow that was like a full body screenshot

In my early quotebooking days, I failed to put the context of my quotes and sometimes it makes it confusing and in the worst case, not funny anymore. I started writing the context of quotes down last year and it makes the quotes so much funnier to read. I also record who said it. If its multiple people, I write it down like a script.


History Teacher: There have been plenty of attractive presidents-

Student: Oh my gosh, have you seen George Washington…


A Few of My Favorite Quotes from Over the Years

8th Grade

Friend: “My life is falling apart like one of those nature valley granola bars”


My sister: “The only reason I want to go back to school is because I like my new lunchbox”

Freshman Year

Friend: “Why is there a hair on this table? How hard is it to keep it attached to your head.”


Me: “I’m a walking comedy show, you’re welcome”

Sophomore Year

My English Teacher: “I don’t eat at restaurants that have spelling errors on their menus because I figure that if they don’t care about the typos then they probably have rats in the kitchen”


Me: “if I was an elf on the shelf, I would be the asthmatic one who uses peppermints as cough drops and an empty whipped cream canister as an inhaler”

Junior Year

My Friend: *screaming at a boat across the lake* “What’s you guys’ favorite TV show? Mine’s Cocomelon!”


Student: “I’m sorry, did you just make a verbal typo?”