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Tahoma News is the official newspaper of Tahoma High School. It is an online only newspaper that updates with stories regularly. Tahoma News seeks to provide Tahoma High School and the community it serves with an open forum for journalistic writing. Content is reviewed to ensure that it meets the legal and ethical standards in regards to material that is libelous, obscene, or invasive of privacy. Tahoma News strives to achieve the highest standards of accuracy.

Opinion pieces reflect the opinions of individual staff member. Opinion pieces do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Tahoma High School or the Tahoma School District.


In an effort to make Tahoma News a safe and secure public forum for people to express their opinion, we read all comments before publishing them. No comments with obscenities, personal attacks, advertisements, nonsense, defamatory or derogatory rhetoric, libel or slander will be published. Comments are meant to spur discussion about the content and/or topic of an article. We encourage you to use your real name when commenting.

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