Guide to Stealing Candy from Siblings after Halloween

Jon Gerena, Staff

As we age one thing is certain, we will not be able to trick or treat to receive free candy from strangers. But those of us blessed with younger siblings have another option. Stealing candy from siblings can be a perilous affair, but I’m here to teach you how to properly steal candy from babies.

Part 1, Discerning targets. Now you can’t just go stealing willy nilly, you need to choose a good target. If little Timmy’s only box of Dots goes missing he’s gonna know what’s up, make sure to only take candies that there are multiple of, and try to learn what your sibling’s least favorites are as those are what he’s least likely to notice are gone. If a few smarties go missing no one is going to bat an eye.

Part 2, The Heist. Now that you have your target sweets identified it’s time to go in and take em, but how do you do it? Well, this depends on where your sibling is keeping the candy, If it’s in their room you’re going to want to sneak in at a time where you can go places but your sibling is stuck, such as lunch or when they have to do chores. If your parents are more strict and force them to keep their candy outside of the room it gets a lot easier, just take your treats while they are asleep. I cannot tell you how to gain access to every location though, so use your own discretion here.

Part 3, Cleanup. Once you’ve eaten the candy you must dispose of the wrappers, If you can access the trash receptacle where your sibling stores their trash just throw it in there, but if you cannot for whatever reason store the wrappers in your pockets and throw them away the next day at school or work.

Now that I’ve taught you how to steal, I’ve got one more thing to say. Make sure not to steal too much over time, if your sibling only eats one piece a day and you’re eating three they are going to notice, make sure you only steal one or two pieces at a time and don’t do it every day. Things add up and your sibling will start to notice. Also, be nice to your siblings, they got you this candy after all.