Joker, is it any good?

A review on DC’s Joker.


Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix is out now. Used under fair usage, poster by DC/Warner Brothers

Devin Dalrymple, Staff

On October 4th, 2019, DC’s movie Joker was released. The director, Todd Phillips, truly portrays the story of a man driven to insanity incredibly well. Joaquin Phoenix is hardly recognizable, but fits the role so well it makes the audience think if he truly is that way. 

Is Phoenix as good as Heath Ledger, or maybe better? No, he isn’t. Ledger is hard to beat, but Phoenix really made the role his own. He truly made the Joker a mad man. Main character Arthur Flek slowly learns about his true backstory as life treats him poorly. One event after another starts to make him lose his mind. Taking place in the city of Gotham, the poorer community is in ruins and needed some kind of change. When a man in clown makeup makes his first kills in a subway, people turn to him and stand behind him. They start riots and worship a killer, which starts to feed Arthur’s insanity. 

Currently it has a 69% on rotten tomatoes, 8.9/10 on IMDb, and 59% on Metacritic. If you’re in the mood for a psychological type horror movie, then the Joker is for you. Overall, I think it’s a fantastic movie. I’d be surprised if Phoenix didn’t win actor of the year for his performance.