Maple Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra


Kamryn Raybell, Writer

Are you ever interested in growing your music experience outside of school? Maple Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra is a great opportunity to advance with others around you. MVYSO meets every Monday through the school year, with 2-3 concerts to show your friends and family your improvement. “As the Maple Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra, we will enlighten the minds of young musicians, embrace creativity, achieve excellence, nurture talents, and give back to the community. Throughout this experience, we will encourage a strong sense of responsibility and commitment in a fun and safe environment.” Written by MVYSO Students. There are four groups in the organization, each based off of solid skill level and not age. You can send in an audition video at the beginning of the season or there are also other opportunities to move up or to begin half way through the year. The four groups are Debut, Philharmonia, Jr. Symphony and Symphony. Debut does not require any sort of audition video and is open to any youth ages. Debut is where you can start your journey through MVYSO while playing beginning and some intermediate music. Philharmonia is just a step up from Debu. From personal experience, id say Philharmonia is great for anyone that has played for 2-3 years. Both Debut and Philharmonia come together for concerts at Taylor Creek Church and play you would get to enjoy both groups play. Now if you have been playing for 3-4 years or are advancing fast, then Jr. Symphony is the way to go. Jr. Symphony gets the chance to combine with band instruments and and work with more advanced music. Now if you have been playing for about 5-6 years, Symphony is the top tier level for you. Symphony is normally the largest group of all and includes all different types of orchestral and band instruments from a violin and trumpet to a harp and steel drums. Jr. Symphony and Symphony is such a great symphonic experience especially when it come to concert time. They play at Kentlake High School on a big stage there and you also get the chance to stay to enjoy both. There are also other opportunities for signing up for an extra Jazz Orchestra or even up and down beat percussion. “I have been with MVYSO for my entire musical career. I started cello when I was 9 years old, back when there was a Beginning Strings Program. It has been a big part of my life and has impacted me more than I can describe. The wonderful coaches, directors and volunteers all add to the true MVYSO environment. The friends and memories I have made will forever be cherished.”  States Emma Andrew, Class of 2020


Maple Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra also provides very special opportunities for those with who are neurodivergent or have any disabilities. “…My daughter adores music!  She is learning beats, rhythms, and new songs as she is playing on musical instruments and equipment.  She enjoys the fun atmosphere and the positive way they teach the class.  The MVYSO Christmas concert, which Jam Club is invited to participate in, is an event that she really looks forward to and wants her family attend in order to watch her perform on stage.  She has made good friends with the other children and looks forward to attending each week.” Says Deborah Sweeny.


There is also fun music opportunities outside of the hard working season. July 31-August 4, there is an upcoming summer camp that holds a fun week of playing songs that match a theme to the camp. The last day, there is a final concert open to all friends and family. The camp also has Debut, Philharmonia and Symphony. Anyone in Jr. Symphony gets moved up to be in the grand Symphony. Last season as and example, was songs from movies. Some songs that were played were Top Gun Medley, Superman Returns, Legend of Ashitaka, The Muppet Show Theme, Star Wars Theme and many more. Summer camp is open to anyone no matter if they were a member of MVYSO the year before are are planning to be the following. In the registration you can sign up with how many years you have played and your instrument and you will be placed in a group manually. MVYSO summer camp is a great opportunity I think all musicians should get to experience. 


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