10 things Teachers do that make Students Upset

Kylie Miller

Teachers and students usually have some form of a love-hate relationship, students love them because they care for them and help them learn but, teachers can really get on student’s nerves sometimes. Teachers get on student’s nerves for varying for reasons whether it be excessive homework or their teaching style, here are the top 5 things teachers do that upset students.

When teachers don’t teach interactively

Lots of students have trouble learning and it can be even harder when teachers only lecture and don’t teach interactively. The most popular way students learn comes in 3 steps, the first is being told how to do something and then being told by the teacher, finally, the teacher has the students do it on their own, helping them when they get stuck. It’s hard for students when teachers only complete the first step of this method and don’t help students using the other two steps. This can cause students to start performing poorly in the class because the teacher doesn’t teach the concept in a way students can understand.

Yelling at the class

No doubt about it being a teacher is a hard, especially since students can get pretty crazy, but sometimes teachers are driven to the edge. Teachers can yell at students for a plethora of reasons. some as small as lining up at the door a minute before the period ends to bigger things such as talking during a test. This is a way to control the class but, it isn’t going to make students respect the teacher or enjoy the class.

Calling out students

If calling out the class isn’t bad enough, teachers calling out an individual student is worse. Most of the time students don’t enjoy being put on the spot especially when they did something wrong. Students are called out by teachers for lots of different

Mr. Torrell helps out Tahoma News by pretending to be a bad teacher.

things and even if the teacher didn’t mean to embarrass the student, the student usually leaves the situation humiliated.


Teachers not listening to students

Students depend on teachers for many reasons, the most important of which is learning and it’s hard for students to learn when teachers simply don’t listen to them. Ever ask a question in class and the teacher gives an answer to a completely different question? This happens to lots of students and it’s really frustrating as the student doesn’t want to be rude but, is also confused about the topic.

Too focused on getting through the lesson instead of kids learning

According to polls done by Tahoma News, the worst thing a teacher can do to their students is being to focused on getting through the lesson to actually teach students. This happens surprisingly often as teachers have lots of lessons to get through and seem to never have enough time to do it, this method usually makes things worse though as the students don’t understand and then the teacher has to reteach the whole lesson.

Despite what some students think teachers do want the best for students. It’s just difficult for them as they need to not only get through the lesson, they have to make it engaging for the students, control the class and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Teachers aren’t always the greatest, but one thing’s for sure, they want the best for their students.