Tips and Tricks for Studying

Anika Nau, Writer

As finals week is approaching students are beginning to get stressed for these grade determining tests. For many, studying for these tests can be difficult or stressful to even just start. There is no need to be worried about studying when there are a few simple tips and tricks that will help you begin your process of studying. One trick that junior, Kaycee,  shared was “using flashcards for fast memorization”. Kaycee takes many AP classes here at Tahoma High School and has taken many tests throughout the courses of those classes. She has noted that using flashcards has helped her every single time because it is a quick way you can memorize things and a bonus is you can study these flashcards by yourself. Flashcards is not only a useful study trick to do alone, there are many other options as well like rewriting notes,quizlet and reading over the textbook. Megan Quinn, a senior, uses rewriting notes to help her pass her class. “ Rewriting the notes helps me memorize quickly because I am retaining the information over and over again”.  By using flashcards and rewriting notes you can retain the information faster and more efficiently then just skimming through your notes. Teachers like Ms.Monn, who teaches American studies and street law at Tahoma High School suggest these methods as well as using online studying sites such as quizlet. “Quizlet will give you access to hundreds of pre-made study materials so it is super easy to study whenever you want”.   Studying with friends and others is another useful way to retain your information. By quizzing each other and reading the textbook out loud with each other can benefit you just as much as studying alone.Studying may seem scary and stressful making students not even want to start but with these simple tips for studying can help you get a start on your studying journey.Especially as finals are approaching, starting now will help reduce stress overall because you will be feeling more confident and prepared in your work. Studying helps you not only in school but helps you create good habits for your future and day to day life. Overall studying will help you in the long run and there are so many easy ways to get started.