AP Human Geography


Anna Jackson, Writer

Many incoming high school students checked the course catalog and saw AP Human Geography. It is listed as the easiest AP course in the school. Many new freshmen signed up because they thought it would be easy, some signed up because they were already planning for college, and some signed up because their siblings took it.
Now, halfway through the school year, students are starting to prepare for the final AP test. Fail, and a year is wasted just to get a grade that you can’t put on your transcript. Pass, and you can successfully add it to your transcript showing that you have what it takes to succeed in college.

Throughout the year, people have failed and passed unit tests, retook vocab quizzes, and written FRQs. Now, they just need to score a 3 or higher on the dreaded AP exam. Many students have been ordering AP textbooks, taking practice exams, and trying to cram.

On May 4, all students taking the class will gather in the gym and begin the test. Later in July, students will finally have their scores released.
In this article, I have interviewed people taking the class, and gathered their opinions on it.

Tanu Dubey, freshman, “AP Human Geography is really fun. It’s really interesting, and I mean, there’s some homework but honestly, it’s not that hard anymore. It was really fun and interesting.”

Ashlyn Roed, freshman, “I think it’s a good class to take, but not for freshmen. I think it should only be offered to sophomores and above, because the workload going from middle school to an AP class is too much, and they don’t prepare us for it.”

Agape Gebremariam, freshman, “I’d say it’s a nice class, especially for freshmen because it gives you a taste of what AP classes are like. If you give it time, then the homework is pretty easy. It’s just copying stuff from the textbook, so I think it’s a good class.”

Most people taking the class have similar opinions on it. It was hard at first with the workload, but everyone quickly adjusted and is now experienced and ready to take more APs.

Throughout your high school years, it doesn’t so much matter that you are taking the hardest classes, just that you try your best and ask for help if you need it. After taking AP Human Geography, it opens up paths for other classes such as AP Psychology and AP European History. If you are thinking about taking this class, you are the only person who can make that decision, but generally, if middle school was easy for you, you will have no problem with AP classes, you just have to stick it through.

Even if you end up with a bad grade on the exam, you still will have learned a ton of information that can be beneficial later, and there are lots of interesting units you go over, that will make you a more educated person.