The History of Tahoma


Hailey Carlton, Writer

The Tahoma District serves about 8,500 students as of 2022, but little is known about the past and the history of the Tahoma School District, and Tahoma High School. First, the whole Tahoma district has a wide variety of classes and subjects for students, and although there are 8,500 students in the district there are 450 teachers, making a student to teacher ratio of 19 students per every teacher. The Tahoma school district was founded in 1926 when the cities Taylor, Hobart, and Maple Valley agreed to merge districts, therefore giving it its name, “Tahoma”. The first Tahoma High school was a Junior-Senior high school located in Hobart, which still stands today, but after time and population continues to grow it was turned first into a Tahoma Middle School, and then in 2017 it was turned into Tahoma Elementary School. In the late 1900’s is when the majority of the Tahoma schools were built, by this time Shadow Lake Elementary, Glacier Park Elementary, Rock Creek Elementary and Tahoma Elementary. Tahoma has and will continue to grow, and there are already rumors in the newly built Tahoma Senior High School, which was recently built in 2017, will soon need a bigger learning space for the future incoming students.  Other significant details about Tahoma is their large variety of sports and athletics for all students to choose from. Some of the listed sports are girls softball, soccer, volleyball, tennis, swim and dive, golf, basketball, gymnastics, wrestling, and dance. Boys sports include tennis, cross country, track, basketball, soccer, football, swim and dive, golf, wrestling, and baseball. Obviously, there is a large variety of things for students to choose from and knowing the history of Tahoma makes this variety of sports impressive because you can see how far Tahoma has progressed.