Cross Country State 2022


Ava Carruolo, Writer

The 2022 cross country season ended strong with the girls team claiming the 4A state title, winning state off of a tiebreaker. 


It was a long season these athletes had and there was never a dull moment. they constantly trained for that moment. 


This championship race took place at Sun Willows Golf Course on November 5, 2022. 


16 schools competed with 150 girls and guys.  


These runners had it all in hand for them. Their persistent hard work had prepared them for this race. 


Head coach Jeff Brady credits “Consistently working together as a team” as the thing that got the girls’ team to win state. 


Our team has many components for their accomplishments. 


A huge one is our athletes, 


“ Every year the program in general, everyone is working to achieve the next level to get better, everyone is pushing themselves and each other.” 


Though we have a strong mindset, mindset is also a big key into this. 


According to Brady, mindset is important to the team as “the mental strength of an athlete is what pushes them to a strong finish.” 


Not only is their mindset strong but to be reminded as to why they do it. 


“There, doing it for the team, the girls tied and won off of a tie breaker, it shows that every person counts.”  


Remembering they run for each other is something that drives the xc team to big successes. 


Over all, the girls team winning the 4A state title and the boys placing 5th was a remarkable accomplishment for Tahoma.