Closing the Year

Closing the Year

Kieran Hoskinson

This year we tackled many things. From snacking, once again, to reviewing a sport I know almost nothing about. Now, I have one more topic to cover. This is my final year writing for the paper. Please, hold back your tears, after all there is no use crying over spilt milk. Over the years I’ve taught you many things, and we’ve had good times. But all must come to an end. With all your newfound knowledge, I know you are ready to fly. Like a mother bird pushing her chicks into the updraft of life, I too must let you soar.

But now, it wouldn’t be in character for me to get all whimsical and send you off without a goodbye gift. In fact, I’ve cooked up a little something special for this special day. For my finally, i’ve chosen something I could almost guarantee no one saw coming. No more product or movie reviews, or even sports talk. Today, I give my famous something out of ten on the very people who have seen my reviews from the start. For long you’ve gazed and accepted by divine judgment but now I think it’s time the audience get a review of their own. So come, sit down, and lets begin.

The rules are simple, keep track of your individual points, starting from 1, and total them at the end. The only catch is, you cannot go higher than ten, or lower than one. And no, it’s not open note. Starting off, lets discuss inside pockets. Now i’m sure you’ve all read this article, and know what i’m speaking off. If you are a fan of inside pockets, then you lose no points. If you are not, you lose an immediate five. Next. What was the first article ever published by me? Ill give you some time in between my words to think before seeing the answer, so enjoy this filler sentence while you think. The answer is…….Gas Station Prices Across Maple Valley. If you got it right, I implore you. You may take two points for your good memory. Now if you got it wrong, that’s okay. It was some years ago that I wrote it, however, Ill have to dock you one point.

The next question is fairly simple. Which store that I have covered contains what is meant to contain but can still contain the contained. After reading that fairly easy to understand sentence, we should all have settled on the Container Store being the answer, and you would be right. Being right gives you no points, but being wrong, minus two. Next question (you’re almost there). What is the cosmic question? Once again Ill gave you this sentence to read as you think. As simple as the question sounds, it’s what makes a chip, a chip. Enjoy a cool three points if you knew what has gone unsolved for years before my time. And for those who got it wrong, you can take a not so cool minus three points.

Ill take a momentary break now to congratulate you on getting this far. Regardless of your points right now, i’m amazed at everyone who got this far. The final question is…..what was the goal of this article? Now i’m sure you said something along the lines of “One last hoorah” or a “Goodbye”. That’s kind of right, but not quite there. I said at the start of this article that it’s time to let you fly on your own, but that I wouldn’t say goodbye without a gift. Take a look at what ive been having you do. Total up your score, answer questions about a topic, learn more about the questions you may not know. Does that sound familiar? The whole time, you’ve been proving to me that you really are ready to take off. After all, it’s not me giving the something out of ten, it’s you. For the final question, getting it right rewards you with ten points. But getting it wrong makes you lose one, meaning getting this question wrong even if you got every other question right will max your score at 9/10. But you probably knew this would be the outcome, I always gotta stay one step ahead.

I hoped you enjoyed my fun game, and your score at the end. But no matter what you got, remember that you proved just how worthy you are of carrying the torch just from being here. Now go on, it’s time for you to go off into the great wide world. I may not be on the site to guide you in the future, but you have your new skills now to show you the way. And as always, my articles will always be here. A permanent mark on this sites history for anyone to enjoy, or come back for a blast from the past.