Summer 2023!


The sun is out, and summer’s coming! Throughout the year, communities have come together to form gatherings for Christmas, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve, and now it is time to come together for summer! Summer in Washington ranges from 70-95 degrees. Most Washingtonians struggle with the heat every year which can be hard as we have some days over 100 degrees. A way for many people and students here at Tahoma to compensate for the heat is to go swimming or cool off at the lake.
One of the most popular summer activity recommendations from our students here at Tahoma is to make plans to go to a lake or river. Specifically the Green River Gorge near the Black Diamond area. The gorge has a beautiful waterfall and sandstone walkways that curve into natural arcs across the river. It ends up being a cold river plunge due to glacier runoff, but still, a fun place to swim. It takes a while for the water to be an adequate swimming temperature, so we urge everyone to be aware that in early summer and late spring, the water is most likely too cold to swim. There have been multiple deaths and injuries from swimming in freezing waters or coming too close to the rocks, so be safe. There are walkways underneath the waterfall as well as around the outside of the river that are slippery but fun to climb. It makes a gorgeous, yet quick hike to hang out for the day or have fun with friends.
An unpopular summer activity that a lot of people might not know about is the movie nights at Lake Wilderness held in the first two weeks of August. You can bring blankets and food and come down to the lakeside with your friends or family to watch a movie together. They will be playing movies like “Mamma Mia!” and “Super Mario Bros.” Along with movies, there will also be a few bands coming to the park during those first two weeks to play live music for an audience. Watching a movie or listening to live music in the evening when it starts to cool down are some fun ideas you should think about for this summer.
A final idea for those who can drive or have a car would be to go on a quick drive to Enumclaw for the vintage shops and thrifting stores. The shops are open all day, but close into the evening. There are many opportunities to find exactly what you are looking for and more. From quaint coffee shops to artistic experiences, the area has a lot to offer. Downtown, there’s a type of hometown aesthetic that attracts people to all the restaurants and shops. With all the lights and lanterns hung up, the area is even prettier at night. A lot of students here recommend checking out the thrift stores and vintage market Enumclaw hosts this summer!
It’s exciting to know that with the seemingly short summer just around the corner, plans and activities are already being planned. We hope you now have some new ideas to bring to the 2023 summer and we are glad to end this year’s news off with some exciting new activities for you to head into summer with!