Breakfast at Tahoma is all over the place

it is the most important meal of the day, but there isn’t a plan for it.

Alexander Pearson, Staff

Breakfast is a mess at Tahoma. With school start time early as ever, and “lunch” being served at 10:25 in the morning, it’s no wonder why seemingly everyone is doing something different for breakfast. The school itself does offer a breakfast service – usually one cashier selling milk, bagels and other assorted items. While this does have its own crowd of buyers, it pales in comparison to the amount of people who wake up and eat at home.

As senior Nathan Ainsworth put it, saying, “I usually eat the same cereal every day”, breakfast isn’t the most exciting thing about the day. This is all too common among Tahoma students, which only adds to the monotonous morning routine every week. 

Asked what they eat for breakfast, senior Mattie Patterson remarked that, “If you don’t eat breakfast, you’re just one of those kids asking other people for food all day.” Begging for food is very common at Tahoma, and Patterson added that “it’s such a weird situation, having to decide that kind of thing [whether or not to give someone food].”

Obviously, not everyone falls into just two categories. Some students prefer to buy breakfast at school, like junior Ryan Midwood. When asked why they do this, Midwood replied that “Because, there’s 2 reasons: I get it because I’m just hungry, and there’s not enough [at home].” 

While some students buy their breakfast from the school, there are plenty more who go get it from places around Four Corners. In a poll of 15 students, 8 said they eat breakfast at home, 2 more at school, 2 from various fast food locations, and 3 said they just don’t eat in the morning more often than not. 

Whether you eat breakfast at home, in town, or at school, or even if you eat your “breakfast” during Power Hour, it’s still the most eaten meal of the day –  and a strangely diverse one at Tahoma High School.