Are AP classes right for you?

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AP classes are a staple of academic achievement and success but are they’re not right for everyone. Are you an overachiever? Do you like doing extra work for no reason at all? Then AP classes may be right for you. Many students want to have a good resume for colleges and although AP classes aren’t a must they do help.  Students are often skeptical about whether or not they’re ready for them. Don’t worry though, there are several ways to tell if you’re ready for AP classes or not.

Surprisingly, academic ability isn’t a large factor in AP success. What really matters is a person’s work ethic. AP classes tend to have lots of homework and busy work so a willingness to do all the work that comes along with these classes is needed. Also, be ready to and willing to study a lot. So, the drive is extremely important when considering taking AP classes.

Next, motivation is something a person really needs to have to be in AP classes. Taking AP classes just to take AP classes isn’t going to work out well for motivation. A good reason for taking AP classes is to get a head start on college or simply to have a challenge in school. Whatever the reason is as long as it’s important it is sure to give you the motivation needed.

Lastly, good time management skills are essential. Or at least you should be able to learn some quick. AP classes are renowned for having lots of homework and busy work so it’s very important to have either lots of time to do work or if you’re like lots of Tahoma students who have lots of extracurriculars and things to do outside of school then you need to be able to manage your time so you can get all of the work done on time.

AP classes are a staple of academic achievement but, they’re not right for everyone. It’s a hard decision to make, once you decide to take an AP class you’re stuck with it for the rest of the year. Not to worry though, now you know, if you can say you have all the things listed above you are officially ready for AP classes.