Blast to The Past, Now To The Future

Blast to The Past, Now To The Future

Isabel Valencia, Writer

Endings are always sad. There is something about not coming back to something that is your comfort or that you are used to that makes someone feel sad and most likely scared as well. There is this feeling of void or emptiness when something that you are so used to is gone. Here at Tahoma, we are experiencing that kind of feeling in real-time. 

Now that the seniors are gone there is this void in our school. There is more silence in the halls. Fewer crowds gather at the bottom of the grand staircase. Let’s be honest, not everyone is noticing the difference because we all are focused on what’s ahead of us, not behind. 

Although maybe we shouldn’t rush the process of going through life. Looking back on our past can sometimes bring back some of the best memories that we have experienced thus far in life. 

This week I sent out a survey for some of my fellow classmates and peers to take. One of the questions that I presented to them was about their favorite memory that they made during this school year in which they can continue to look back on and experience that joy and laughter once more. 

The response across the board had to do with the friends that they went into the school year with. Building those strong and loving friendships. Going to school events and traveling with their peers to places that many people would not think to go with a group of strangers turned friends. For example, Xavier Roy states that some of his best memories made this year had to have been from the trip that the robotics team made down to Houston Texas.

This is something that Tahoma is very proud to do for the students. It is what makes Tahoma unique. There is something for everyone. There is someone for everyone. You can find a friend or a sport here that fits best for you. Sometimes, people forget to not take for granted what they are given or presented in life. 

Therefore, I asked yet another question, what will you miss about this school year?

Of course, many said their friends and having Power Hour to relax before going back into the learning mindset, but there were a few unique responses that I would love to point out for everyone. One of them being a shout out to one of our beloved teachers, Mrs. Morgan. Kalie Gibbs, a junior here at Tahoma claims that Mrs. Morgan’s AP European History class is one of the biggest things that she is going to miss from her second to last year here.

We can look back on all of our favorite memories and saddest things that will have to be left behind, but that is only to move forward with the summer and next school year. Personally, I would have loved to have had a few pieces of advice before deep diving into high school so I asked these students what they would say to the incoming freshman. In each of the responses there was something about not procrastinating. This I can relate to heavily. Although there were some responses that stuck with me. One of them being “Take your time and enjoy a time of peace”. This message to the future class is something that I believe everyone can take with them, into your freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior year. Just take a minute to yourself because that is the most important thing. 

Keeping in mind having yourself some “me time”, many people decided to respond to the question of what they are looking forward to this summer, which is a few days away!! The obvious answer is that everyone is looking forward to taking a break from schoolwork and hanging out with friends.

It is always a little bittersweet ending another school year because as a student you are inching closer to the end of your secondary education, and the teachers are always going to be sad to see you leave, even when they are exhausted too. 

Now that the time has come, saying our goodbyes and “see you later” will be long lived and very much looked forward to.