Tahoma BSU Secures Funding


Kaycee Kaithula

This week on June 13, 2023 the Tahoma High School Black Student Union (BSU) achieved a significant milestone. The BSU successfully secured district funding. Led by co-presidents and founders; myself– Kaycee Kaithula– and Hewan Berhanu, along with community advocate Keimani Leonard, the BSU presented a compelling presentation to the school board, highlighting the club’s impactful initiatives and their commitment to empowering the black student community. 


During the pivotal meeting, the BSU leaders delivered a presentation that effectively showcased the organization’s achievements over the past school year. The comprehensive rundown highlighted the club’s notable events, including a successful basketball fundraiser, an engaging movie night, and regular club meetings dedicated to discussing pertinent topics in black culture.


The BSU’s fundraising efforts, such as the basketball fundraiser, not only generated much-needed funds but also brought together students– over 30 participants—, teachers, and parents in support of the cause. This event not only provided financial resources but fostered a sense of unity within the Tahoma High School community. 


Additionally, the movie night organized by the BSU served as a platform for fostering education and understanding. The BSU selected the movie The Hate You Give; a cinematic film that challenges the injustices surrounding the police and promotes social justice and racial equality. 


Furthermore, the regular club meetings proved to be a space where students could voice their thoughts, share their experiences, and discuss current events related to black culture. These meetings provided valuable opportunities for education, awareness, and support, empowering BSU members to take an active role in shaping their community. 


The passionate presentation by the BSU exemplified their dedication and commitment to creating an inclusive environment within Tahoma High School. By engaging with the school board, they effectively communicated the importance of the club and evidently moved them into a unanimous 4-0 decision to allocate funding for the BSU and recognize them as an official club. 


The triumph of the Tahoma High School Black Student Union in securing district funding showcases the strength of student advocacy and highlights the essential role these organizations play in creating inclusive and equitable spaces.