The Spirit of Tahoma Dying Down 

Kayla Robinson, Writer

Starting back in the ’90s, Tahoma High School used to be where the current Maple View Middle School is right now the high school back then had so much spirit and the spirit days were the best times to goof off and have a time to just dress for your school, even when you would walk down the stairs to go down to the field, there was a mural of students with so much school spirit on. Some were covered in paint on the mural, had Tahoma spirit wear, and were cheering as they looked down at the football game. Now, that mural was painted over and gone at the middle school and we have yet to see a mural in the current Tahoma High School besides one picture as you walk into the school.
Back then, students used to decide on the fun spirit days and get really creative with it, when they decided on a spirit day students would put on the most creative and most outgoing outfit and try to match as best as possible with them, the school would be filled with an abundance of school spirit and would seem like a free day and full of fun. In this day and age, kids in high school rarely ever take spirit days to the next level. It’s either the bare minimum that a student could do or just not even participate in the spirit day in general. If students back then had a bring anything but a backpack to school day, instead of bringing maybe a kanoo, an ice cooler, a will barrow, maybe even a lawn mower, kids would bring the bare minimum like a shopping bag, or piece of clothes, and very minimal things that don’t show school spirit.
Another spirit day that students don’t tend to do anymore is wacky clothes day or wacky hair day or just anything wacky anymore. During school in the 90s or even elementary school now, kids would go crazy for wacky hair, clothes, anything day and it was such a fun experience to dress insane and see how other kids would be creative with their outfits. I remember being in elementary school and for wacky clothes day, I would put on a rainbow-colored striped shirt and put it on backward along with it being inside out, I also put my jeans inside out and would put ribbons in my hair and have the craziest socks I could find to match my miss matched outfit. For the wacky hair days, I would spray my hair from bottom to top with hair spray and stick it straight up like Cindy Lou Who.
 Nowadays, kids and teenagers, especially in high school, don’t put the effort to get dressed up for spirit days and it shows. Either the kids don’t do it because it’s not “cool”, it’s too much work, or it’s lame. The spirit days need to come back and need to be brought with more attention so that school can seem more interesting and more fun for students to laugh and enjoy what school spirit days have to offer! Fun for all spirit weeks!