Possible Banning of Tik Tok


Jadee Shea

Jadee Shea

May. 23, 2023

Social media holds a big place in teenagers’ lives, especially an app created in 2016 known as TikTok. Tiktok gained lots of popularity very quickly and is now the most used social media app by teenagers.

However, this app has previously had multiple scares of being banned, for reasons ranging from crude content to negatively affecting people’s mental health.

There has recently been a threat to ban tiktok that seems to be the most serious of all, the app has gone from dangerous in terms of mental health and bad content, to being accused of giving users data and personal information to the Chinese government. The owners of tik tok claim that nothing like that is going on, but a large majority of the USA begs to differ.

Tahoma High school teacher Mrs. Bryant shares her mostly neutral opinion with the banning of tiktok and speaks on her opinion when she says, “The TikTok ban seems to be a big political hot topic right now. It seems to be a delicate balance of first amendment rights and a fear of national security. My hope would be that the federal and local governments do what is best for citizens, hoping no rash decisions are made.

Mrs. Bryant is an adult who does occasionally enjoy scrolling through TikTok and agrees that there are some fun aspects of it that are quite enjoyable. 

While adults are very involved in this news and seem to want what’s best for the citizens whether TikTok is banned or not, tiktok users are praying that the app stays alive and well.

They believe that Tikok was and has been falsely accused multiple times and they are pretty much fed up with the threats of banning TikTok.

A lot of people say that those who are accusing TikTok of these things are just trying to find any excuse to have it banned.

 Brynn Powell a student of Tahoma High School informs us of the benefits of TikTok and why it would be devastating if the app was banned. “I love making TikToks, it’s some people’s jobs too. Tiktok is a source or entertainment, creativity, therapy, coping, a hobby, and like I said before a job for some people.” Powell says.

She speaks a lot about how to her, TikTok is like an outlet in a way, when she needs a mental break from life she scrolls through some TikToks and sees a lot of relatable or funny stuff.

I personally completely agree with Brynn, TikTok has many great uses that goes far beyond entertainment for the users. 

Whether TikTok was falsely accused or not, we can see that it has had a pretty good impact in many people’s lives, and it is agreed that there are other solutions besides completely getting rid of the app.