Inflation’s Grasp an a Savory Treat

Inflations Grasp an a Savory Treat

I know, I know. It’s been a day, or maybe even a morning. Maybe you just woke up, that’s taxing enough on its own. Wherever you are coming from, whatever part of the day you may be in, I think you all deserve a nice treat. I’m thinking something soft; a bread topped with surgery frosting and oh so delicious sprinkles. A delicacy coming in all shapes and sizes, staples of this item being a bar or circular. A dessert, or snack, that leaves you with complete creative freedom on how you design the doe, and frosting on top. Yes, I’m talking about donuts. One of my personal favorites for a nice surgery treat. So there you are, about to sink your teeth into this delicious bundle of goodness, when you taste the savory bitterness of……inflation. I wish I could give you dear readers a review on donuts, but the times are fierce. Peaceful reviews have no room in this modern era. Inflation, dare I even speak about the word of what has caused businesses and families so much pain. I’m not here to spoon feed you lies, or bits of honesty, but rather, as I’ve done, take a bite of the sour truth, and digest it for all its worth. 

 Inflation has hit us in many ways. Gas prices, home goods, healthcare, and the general price of life have all shot up due to it. But most importantly, the price of donuts has taken a fatal increase too. The before 79 cent donut was forced to watch the world shift into an imbalance. Glazed in horror as the weight of our economy pushed the scales deeper and deeper, and finally, the donut price increased to $1.19. Tears where wept, hearts where shattered, and most devastatingly of all, hope was lost.

Individuals such as Austin Hardebeck have spoken out, stating that “It’s not required, the cost of the donuts is not equitable to the quality of the donuts, and the prices should remain the same. Though I do understand inflation is a thing, and that it is necessary, I feel like it does not apply to such minor things such as donut prices”.

On the other hand, it is argued by Tyler Briggs that the price change is very minimal in comparison to the complex supply chain that wildly increases prices of foods and goods. However, Briggs also brings up that “A single sprinkle costing 1/10th of a cent more is nothing, however asking the customer to pick up the tab on 400 sprinkles is where it begins to eat at those extra dimes”. Even a strong willed person like Mr.Briggs states that “donut-flation seems to be a sign of a not so sweet future”

The sad truth is, this may not even be the end to the steep hikes in donut prices. Let’s all come together and think of those stories our grandparents told us about a dollar buying enough snacks to last a whole group of friends for a movie night. And now? Now a dollar can’t even buy one donut. Who knows, soon donuts could go up to $2, then $3, $4, $5. The only way to pay for these donuts will be through higher wage jobs that will seem like you’re earning pennies compared to the cost of everyday donuts. Minimum wage will rise again just like it did before until we are all making $23 an hour, but that will only speed up the already rapid increase in the value of money. So the prices of everything will continue to go up, and up, creating a back and forth between the amount of money needed to live, and the cost of one donut.

I encourage all of you to do your best to help stop the atrocities of inflation. Unfortunately though, the only thing I can find is help with spending habits, such as vacation costs, grocery spending, and trying to save money on transportation. I’m ashamed to admit I don’t really have a solution to inflation, and therefore do not possess the power to stop donuts from becoming too expensive. However, there is still hope for us yet. Don’t lose hope, continue believing in donuts and their prices. Maybe, one day, the world will realize that donuts and stay out of the bowls of inflation.