Democracy of Tahoma High School


Jadee Shea, Writer


The Tahoma High School community is a fun, active,  and inclusive community. We represent a lot of good community qualities like democracy.

Some ways we represent democracy are including multiple clubs so everyone can have a group of their own. Tahoma offers  a variety of different clubs, created by students and supervised by staff, that allow everyone to be a part of a group that helps them feel more understood.

As a student in the journalism class which has similar aspects to a club, being apart of a group all interested in something, like writing articles, is really fun and the best part is everyone feels like they fit in. 

Another example is providing lots of future ready options for all students, even with personal restrictions, we all get the same opportunities at the high school. For instance, those of us who can’t choose one career pathway have lots of other options perfectly fitted to our situation which puts us at the same level as the students with other options.

 Mrs. Lindersmith, a Tahoma Future Ready Center specialist, contributes to the success of making of many Tahoma clubs, to inform students  the benefits that Tahoma clubs have in our community.

Mrs. Lindersmith says education at Tahoma provides many opportunities  like the STEP program designed for seniors. Tahoma High School seniors are required to complete this program, which helps them find a career they want to join. “Our goal is that every student walks out with a plan, but the thing is people change their minds” Lindersmith said.

Lindersmith mentioned how students typically change their minds even when it’s too late, but that there are enough options for students that end up changing their minds, and multiple for those who have personal restrictions- or for those who  are looking for something specific. 

Tahoma offers a student leadership program, ASB, which allows students representatives from each grade to run for student led offices. Any student can apply for ASB and role for the roles. This leadership group works hard to create fun activities for all Tahoma students to participate in. For more information about Leadership, check out the THS Activities page.

Tahoma students are offered many opportunities to stay involved, students each week can vote on the bell music, they can  vote on dance themes, and spirit days.

It’s important to let students have a say on these kinds of choices because not only does it remind students that their opinions matter, but it also makes them more likely to participate in school events.

 Tahoma high school is proven to have good democracy because of the large number of inclusive clubs we have, the opportunities that every student is offered, and the voting system that lets us know how much our opinions really do matter.