Track & field: Throwing

Track & field: Throwing

As we all know here at Tahoma spring sports have started however there is one in particular that I would like to focus on in this article…track! 


Track is a pretty well-known sport here at Tahoma and has been to state multiple times although there are various events in track there is one in particular that is more so an overlooked event that most people probably know nothing about nor really find that exciting, but it just so happens, I am in that event. Throwing is a very complicated sport you have shot put, discus, and javelin they all take time and hard work to master.


Throwing events in track and field are among the oldest sporting events in recorded history and include shot put, discus, and javelin. All throwing athletes use the kinetic chain to transfer energy from the lower body, all the way through the upper body arm, wrist, and hand, to generate maximum force.


I feel like personally, some people see it as not being very difficult when in reality it takes just as much technique as running if not more because if you think about it throwing is not just throwing a ball or a disk or a jav it takes strength. Girls shot put 8 pounds and if you want it to travel well you need to have the right technique which again takes time and training.


But because of training hard, you get that incredible feeling when you just know that you just did one of your best throws the excitement you feel is like no other and it’s probably the same excitement that the running events get when they get the best time in their race.


Throwing events are amongst the oldest in track and field athletics. Where competitors once threw rocks and spears, they now use the shot and javelin. Throwing events require great strength and throwers are usually the biggest athletes in any athletic competition.(Track & Field Throwing Events – SportsRec)


In conclusion in my opinion throwing is just as important as all the other events and takes just as much work if you would like to come to see throwing in action and support all your Tahoma bears on the track and field team come to our next meet here at Tahoma on Thursday, April 6th at 3:30 pm, hope to see you there!