Prom is Coming!


Reese Brawley and Sami McCallister

Prom is coming! And a question going around is: where are you buying your dress from? Or what style are you getting? Lulus, Windsor, Macys, Sherri Hill!  According to Pinterest searches, ruffled shirts and sheer pants outfits are on the rise in 2023, We looked at the Seventeen Fashion Experience to see if we could find what is trending for prom this upcoming year. 

“I think the maxi dress will be dominating this year. Fashion usually goes from one extreme to another and the looser, longer-fitting styles will probably be taking the spotlight”. Maxi dresses have been in style for years but are starting to become more popular Spring of 2023. Adding onto that, “Ruffles, mesh, sequins, and feathers are all textures that were flooding the Spring/Summer 2023 runways. The color hot pink was also very popular both on and off the runway this past fashion week.” Ruffles and light colors tend to be more worn for prom because it is in the springtime. So, as Seventeen said, hot pink would be a color to consider for this year because of the season. Also adding some kind of texture to your look would give it some more flare and make it more unique for the occasion. Gems, sequins, feathers, etc. would be a great way of doing this. In the past, trends have been hot pink dresses with sparkles or low cut tops, babydoll dresses, and high necklines. Not knowing the theme for Tahoma’s prom in advance for this spring makes it difficult to pick what dress or tuxedo you want to invest in. But looking at Vogue or other sites with information on the new trends will help you decide on what to wear. 

Over the years the styles and colors for prom have changed drastically. Back in the 1970’s the dresses were very conservative and poofy, also a lot of them had patterns such as flowers or polka dots. But if you look at the dresses now they are clearly very more modernized. They are much more tight fitting, more neon colors, glittery, etc. This prom season has gone off to a great start as Vogue and other fashion industries are coming together to form unforgettable dress options.