Recap of Tahoma Basketball at State

Kaycee Kaithula

For the first time in Tahoma history both the girls and boys basketball teams made it to state. Earlier this month, from March 1-4, the teams played against the best athletes in the state at the Tacoma Dome. Both teams had an undeniably successful season. The boys team had the most wins in a Tahoma season ever, and in early Feb. the girls were given the NPSL champions title. 

On March 1, the first day of state games, the boys entered the dome against Camas High School. The game would determine whether the Tahoma boys would advance to the quarter finals. 

The Tahoma High School boys were more than anticipating this game. Within five seconds, Jayden Stephens, junior, made the first dunk. Early in the fourth quarter Kevin Williams, senior, had repeated three-pointers advancing the team a 47-46 lead. 

Both teams were on each other’s tail, keeping only a one point difference on the scoreboard. However, the back-and-forth came to a halt when Beckett Currie, on the Papermakers, made a three-pointer with only 1:17 left on the clock. Concluding the ardent game as a 60-55 win for Camas. 

The Lady Bears made swift advancements in the state games, starting their series of wins at the quarter finals with a 51-43 win against Gonzaga Prep. 

On March 3, the ladies competed in the semifinals against Camas High School. The bears in the stands were on the edge of their seats, considering the tension with Camas was still fiery. Hope Hassman, senior, scored 29 points during the game. The girls took the win with 61-57 and finished third in the state tournament.  

Lily Cavanaugh said that this season she learned “team chemistry is everything” in order for the overall team to progress. 

We hope both the girls and boys team had as much of a fun season as it was for us to watch!