February Pop New Roundup


Dylan Johnson, Writer

Prolific pop icon Rob Grant’s daughter Lana Del Rey released her newest single “A&W” in support of her upcoming album “Did You Know That There’s A Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd.” It’s nothing compared to her father’s world shatteringly stellar single “Setting Sail on A Distant Horizon”, but it’s fine, I guess. 

After 11 years in the industry Rebecca Black has released her debut album “Let Her Burn” and like much of her music it’s really good. Ms Black has and will probably be stuck with the label as the Friday girl for her entire career but she’s so much more than that if you were to listen to any song of the album check out Destroy Me.

On February 10th Paramore released their new album “This Is Why” and admittedly I haven’t listened to it in its entirety yet, but of what I have listened to I would suggest the songs “This Is Why” and “The News.” Also it appears that Paramore are no longer on the record label Fueled By Ramen, a label prominently known for pop-punk bands like All Time Low, Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship and Cute is What We Aim. This is their first release without the label. 

EDM icon Skrillex released not one, but two albums this month being called “Quest For Fire” and “Don’t Get Too Close”.Both albums are incredible, and if you haven’t listened to Skrill since his Bangarang days you’d be surprised at how different it sounds. Also on a minor note, one of the songs on Don’t Get Too Close features Post Hardcore legend Anthony Green (L.S Dunes, Saosin, Circa Survive) which is cool to see as Skrillex and Anthony had beef with Skrillex back when he was in his old band From First to Last. The beef is over a decade old but it’s still cool to see these two working together again. 

This band isn’t exactly pop, but it’s my list and I want to talk about them. TikTok band Pierce the Veil, a band which I guarantee every alt girl owns/owned merch of has released their first album since 2016 titled “The Jaws of Life” this album is definitely a departure from their previous material but that said it’s very good, I’ve been listening to their song Emergency Contact on repeat and suggest you give it a listen. 


I feel like I can’t not talk about the Grammys but as they were earlier in the month it feels odd talking about them as they’re basically old news already. That said Carly Rae Jepsen was absolutely robbed of everything and if you disagree you’re part of the problem (and probably homophobic). Listen to “The Loneliest Time” or the songs “So Nice” and “Beach House.” You won’t regret it. That said, let’s talk about some of the actual winners of the grammys. 

About Damn Time by Lizzo won Record of the Year, Harry’s House won Album of the Year, Just Like That by Bonnie Raitt won Song of the Year and Samara Joy won Best New Artist. I don’t have much to say about any of them but congratulations. 

Saving the most important news for last The Church of Satan calls Sam Smith & Kim Petras’ Grammy performance of “Unholy” “more meh than satanic”, with David Harris a magister of the Church of Satan calling it “alright” and “nothing particularly special”(I was going to make a burn joke but I couldn’t think of one). Honestly there isn’t much substance to this piece. I just think it’s really funny.