St. Valentine


Hailey Carlton , Journalist

Valentine’s Day is an important holiday to many, single or taken this day is one to enjoy life with the people you care about. Although only 161.8 million people celebrate Valentine’s day there was a 2 billion dollar profit during the holiday. St. Valentine wedded young lovers, and when it became banned he continued to do it illegally. The Emperor had him brutally slaughtered on the fourteenth day of February, which became known as Valentine’s Day. But while he was in jail he befriended the jail man’s daughter and sent her a farewell note saying, “From Your Valentine”. After this tradition of showing your love grew and modernized, it became a day to buy thoughtful cards, chocolate, candy, flowers, jewelry, and other personalized gifts for the people you care about the most. I interviewed students at Tahoma and asked them if they know the history of Valentine’s day, and if this is an important holiday to them. One of the students I asked is a Junior at Tahoma High School named Claire Nardella. When asked she said, “Honestly I don’t know much about the history of Valentine’s Day.” She also stated that she does know that it’s about, “someone writing letters to their partner.” After she was asked if the holiday is important to her, Claire said, “Valentine’s Day has never been an important holiday to me, but I know that a lot of people take it very seriously, and that it is important to people around me”. Another student at Tahoma named Lauren Nass who is a sophomore the same questions answered that she does, “know that it was a priest that was in jail and fell in love, and wrote letters to the jailmans daughter”. To the second question, Lauren answered, “No because couples are annoying, I don’t like this holiday” although she mentioned that you don’t need to like everything you have an interest in.