Semester One is Coming to an End… What You Can Expect

Semester One is Coming to an End... What You Can Expect

Keimani Leonard, Writer and Editor

Semester one is coming to an end here at Tahoma High School, we as students are not only feeling the pressure of making sure our semester one grades look great, but we are planning to prep for finals, whicha are right around the corner. I am  feeling the stress of finals and the overwhelming feeling of trying to get work done before semester one ends, which is why I have decided to write this article about how to deal with all that pressure in healthy ways and provide tips for students.  


For this topic, I decided to interview one of our many English teachers here at THS,  Ms. Davolt. Davolt said one of the biggest things that can help you studying wise is repetition. Her words were “If every student in my class would study signposts or symbols every day for only 10 minutes their grades would increase.” She also stated that as the end of semester one is coming up, students should be trying to talk to their teachers about how to improve their grades. She also explained how many students ask for extra credit, but instead of asking for extra credit, they should be asking how to improve the grade they already have.


I know when I was a freshman, I did not have many finals so I just decided to not study, which looking back was not the best decision I could have made. This year as a sophomore, I can definitely feel the stress so I decided to take it upon myself to look up some ideas on how to manage that stress and share them with you all. 


Top 10 stress relievers Top 10 Stress Management Techniques for Students (

  • Get enough sleep
  • Guided imagery – sitting in a nice quiet place and basically meditating
  • Exercise when you have time 
  • Taking calming breaths 
  • Relaxing your body 
  • Listening to music that helps you focus
  • Have people who motivate and support you


I hope this article helped you all and gave you some ideas on how you’re going to prepare for the end of the semester and finals, good luck Bears!!