A Holiday Gift Guide for the Adults in Your Life


Kaycee Kaithula, Editor

Finding a present for the adults in your life can be a difficult task during the holiday season. Luckily, we’ve recruited a few gift receiving experts to help you put together your shopping cart. 

Sara Palmer, teacher at Tahoma High School, plans to get her significant other a puppy this holiday season. This is probably the cutest gift one could receive during the holidays. However, if potty training in the new year might be a task and budget that you’re not ready for, there are plenty more options available. 

Discovering which stores to shop at is an important starting point. History teacher, Robin Hall, enjoys getting her retail needs at “The Rack [Nordstrom Rack] and Target.” Both stores have deals that are hard to beat. Target is currently having discounts up to 40% off and price matching until Dec. 24, 2022. Nordstrom Rack doesn’t fail to uphold the same standard. This holiday season their website specifies items that will “arrive before Christmas” and on select items discounts are up to 70% off. These two stores should definitely be at the top of your browser when you’re getting gifts for the special adults in your life.

A custom gift always pulls on the heart strings. If you’re looking to go this route, Hall has a few suggestions. She plans to get her husband custom dress sock with their “children’s faces on them” from divvyupsocks.com. If your gift receiver has a light hearted sense of humor, you could get creative and put your face, a pets’, or someone sentimental on the socks. Etsy is another great website to go to for custom presents that are unique to your person. 

If you have a nostalgic person on your list to shop for, homesick.com might be the perfect place to pick up their present. Reminisce on an old trip or their home country/state with a candle containing the location or things scent. 

Hopefully this article has given you a better idea of what presents you will give. The holidays can be quite frankly chaotic, but it’s important to enjoy the presence of your loved ones and even the company of yourself. Happy shopping and holidays!