The Problems with Tesla


Anna Jackson, Writer


I’m sure all of you know Tesla, the famous car manufacturer now worth over 500 billion dollars. But do you know the truth about Tesla? 


Elon Musk, not only is the founder of Tesla, he is now the CEO of Twitter. He paid 44 billion dollars for Twitter, and then tried to back out of the deal because he knew he would ruin the company. However, Twitter’s board of directors didn’t let him, so now one man owns one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. He is slowly ruining the world-famous site, and is wasting billions of dollars.


He fired most of the original directors, and then realized he needed them so he tried to re-hire them! Most directors quit the second that he bought Twitter because they didn’t want to work for someone who claimed in 2022, that people who were worried about Coronavirus were “dumb.”


Now, Elon Musk is in charge of content regulations for Twitter even after he tweeted, “pronouns suck”

He also promoted conspiracy theories about Covid-19 vaccines and now uses Twitter to engage in security fraud.

However, what would your life look like if you worked in one of Tesla’s factories?

Already seven women are in the process of suing Tesla for sexual harassment by men working in the factories. Women are scared to go to work, for fear of harassment, and Elon Musk is only setting the scene.

The Tesla models put together spell out the word SEXY, but allegations were made and he changed it to S3XY. This bad joke plays into one of the reasons that women are suing the company. The men in the factories that look up to Elon Musk think that it’s ok to harass women, because Elon Musk himself does it himself. 

He is now fathering his tenth child with a female executive who worked near him.

Once you know this, it’s not hard to figure out why women are being harassed in the workplace, especially in a male dominated career. 


Next time you are thinking of buying a Tesla, ask yourself, “How many women were harassed to build this car?” Is it worth it to have a Tesla, if you know that you are supporting someone who promotes female harassment, tries to act like a frat boy, believes that Covid-19 was fake, and doesn’t believe in pronouns? 


That’s not all, there are tons of tweets, texts, and quotes from Elon Musk that show just how much of an IQ he actually has, one last example is when he was forced to pay $137 million to a black elevator operator after he was racially harassed for 4 years while working in a factory.


This isn’t the worst thing, the worst thing is the fact that the world’s richest man has the same brain capacity as a rock and now is in charge of social media sites that influence millions of people. He already let former president, Donald Trump back on, even after he was kicked off for spreading lies that hurt the country.

That’s not all of it, the scariest thing about it, is the fact that Elon Musk has over 100 million followers on Twitter who support him, even though he is an example of the lowest that a human being could ever go.

So please, help spread the word, and stop supporting Elon Musk, the world’s richest, yet unfortunate man.