Winter Sports


Audrey Menghini, Journalist

As fall sports wrap up, it opens the door for winter sports. From basketball to wrestling to swim and dive, and gymnastics. These sports are very fun to watch and have great competition with other schools. 

The most recent event was the boys basketball team playing against Mount Tahoma High School on Monday. The girls basketball team plays, like the boys, at home against Mount Si High School on Tuesday.

For boys and girls wrestling, boys swim and dive, and girls gymnastics all have a Varsity and Junior Varsity team. On the other hand, boys and girls basketball all have a Varsity,Junior Varsity, C-Team.

Maile Peneda, a student here at Tahoma High School, says, ¨ All of the gymnasts and coaches are really nice, and we were able to bond really quickly. We all support each other and cheer each other on even if we are not at the same event.  ¨. Maile is part of the girls gymnastics team. 

¨Probably getting my skills back and trying new ones. I have a feeling that the highschool meets have a fun environment so I am excited for that. Yeah, just again getting close with my whole team.¨ Also stated by Maile Peneda. 

Seeing how athletes are super excited to be surrounded by their team and coaches is something very cool. Many other athletes, like Maile, are excited to try new things and work on their skills more to get better. 

All of these sports are so fun for these athletes to play. Even people who are not in the game or meet have a fun time cheering on the Tahoma Bears. It is such an amazing environment to be in when you have the school cheering players on while they are doing what they love. I know when I watched the girls volleyball team hear at Tahoma, the crowds and parents would get excited about the little things and it was very fun. 

It is so refreshing to start a new group of school sports to give students a variety of things to watch. As winter sports gets going, it gives students something to look forward to after school is over. They are very good social events to go to and just hang out with your friends. 

Check out the Tahoma Winter Sports schedule and support your fellow bears.