The Beginning Of Tahoma’s Wrestling Season


Ava Carruolo, Writer

Finally! It is December so we know what that means..

Wrestling season has officially begun.

“We are going to have one of the best seasons of this history, hardworking kids, great fans, excellent parent support” Coach Feist explained to me. Some pondering questions are likely, What got these kids into wrestling? Well often this question differs from many, but interviewing Zalane Hullitt gave us an inside look into a wrestler’s inspirations.

“I went to a club fair with my friends to go check out the booths. I saw the wrestling booth and ever since I saw it, it sparked my interest.” Hullitt says. This team had an amazing season last year and is projected to have another amazing season this year. Something that sticks out with this team is they all call each other “family”

“This is a very talented team; they care for each other like family.” Feist adds. But do not think that is the only thing holding this family together. An important thing every wrestler learns is the Tahoma way.

Tahoma way is being your brother’s keeper, 1 percent better each day. Though there are lots of stories Feist includes all throughout the season, another big one is “Chop Wood Carry Water.” As he explains, “Short book about a young man who wanted to become a samurai archer and there are lots of stories of his process that related to life and leadership and the pursuit to something greater than yourself. The stories in the book align closely with the wrestling program core values.” This team has a close relationship and works together through workouts and duals.

Make sure to come see their duals this season and support some bears.