Snow days and delays

Snow days and delays

Keimani Leonard, Writer and Editor

On Tuesday the 29th, winter finally hit the Seattle area. As students sat their classes, the snow began falling down and then proceeded to snow for the  entire day. With the abundance of snow, Tahoma School District declared a two-hour late start on Wednesday, November 30 and then announced a snow day on Thursday, December 1. 

 There have been several questions regarding snow days, for example, who makes the decision to have a two-hour late start or to cancel school? If the district goes beyond the allotted snow days, will seniors have to make up that time? These are all valid questions and I believe that students and faculty have more questions they want to be answered.

Ms. Agnew an English teacher here at Tahoma high school stated that in the past there was a time when seniors had to come to school on a Saturday because no matter the days missed, they would not graduate on time, and inevitably they had to make up those days some way.

 Other students at Tahoma High School stated that school should have been canceled this Friday, instead of having a two- hour delay. Many after school activities were canceled this week due to the weather.

After a deep search on the internet, I found out that the person who decides when school should be canceled due to weather conditions is the school superintendent.

As far as having snow day, remember to try to make the most out of the free days, take a mental day if that’s what you need to do, catch up on homework or just have fun in the snow!