Netflix’s Wednesday is Killing It With Audiences


Kamryn Raybell, Writer

Wednesday, Netflix’s new, number one TV series is breaking the internet. Based on the characters from the famous story The Addams Family, a star-studded cast including Jenna Ortega, and Christina Ricci from the 1990 Addams Family, brings a fresh, thrilling, and exciting twist on a classic tale.


Ortega stars as a teenage Wednesday in this dark dramedy, directed by the one and only Tim Burton. Wednesday is about a girl that enrolls in a new school for “outcasts” called Nevermore. She tries to handle her newfound visions of the future that then help her solve a murder mystery consuming the town around her. Wednesday meets new friends and discovers secrets about her legendary parents, Morticia and Gomez, from years ago. This show will keep you hooked for more, you can’t watch just one episode.


Wednesday has the internet buzzing with theories of what will happen in potential future seasons. There is no official announcement of a second season, but rumors are circulating because the show left off on a cliffhanger. With an audience score of 88% and a 72% on the tomatometer, Wednesday is sure to have you dying for more.