Your Year In Music: Spotify Wrapped 2022


Katelyn Raybell, Writer and Editor

The holidays came early with this year’s highly anticipated Spotify Wrapped, which dropped on November 30th!

Every December, Spotify puts out a deep dive into the music you listened to throughout the year. This year’s theme was a personality test based on your interests.

Spotify pulls data from January to October to give you a detailed review of how many genres you listened to, your top 5 genres, how many minutes you listened to music that year, what percentile of listeners you were in, your top song, how many times you played it, and on what day you listened to it most, how many songs you played, your top 5 songs, how many artists you listened to, your top artist, how many minutes you listened to them, what percentile of their listeners you were in, and finally your top 5 artists.

Two new features based on the theme were what genres you listened to in the morning, during the day, and in the evening. At the end Spotify assigned you a listening personality. There are 16 possibilities depending on what you listened to. Your music taste was judged on familiarity vs exploration, loyalty vs variety, timelessness vs newness, and commonality vs uniqueness. Put these together based on your listening trends, and you were given your music taste personality!

There is a bit of confusion as to why it was released on the 30th of November instead of December 1st like it has since 2016. Many users are also noticing things that may be incorrect with their Wrapped this year. Speculation that data is being pulled from only a month or two is circulating around the internet. It is important to remember that Spotify Wrapped only takes data from January 1st to October 31st, so anything you listen to in November and December will not be taken into account. Still, some users are reporting that their “minutes listened”, top artists, top genres, and top songs sections seem to have a mistake or two.

Sophomore, Scarlett Sauceda uses both Apple Music and Spotify, but says that “I actually really like [Spotify Wrapped] because I can see what I have been listening to and how my music taste has changed.” Unlike some users, Scarlett agrees with the stats Spotify presented her with this year. “It all adds up pretty well, especially because I only listen to a few artists.”

When asked if she looks forward to her Spotify Wrapped, Senior Julia Tanner said “Absolutely, I’m one of the people who puts effort into listening to things that I want to have show up on my Wrapped- I’ll listen to one artist over and over if it means I will come across as alt on my Spotify Wrapped for listening to that one artist.”  Julia only uses Spotify for music streaming but, “I agree with most of my statistics, I don’t know how one of my favorite songs didn’t show up and I have a hard time believing that Acid Ghost was my top 5th artist but besides that it felt pretty accurate.”

Dakota Richardson, a Junior at Tahoma and an avid Spotify listener says that she enjoys the Spotify Wrapped feature but, “I don’t think Kanye being my top artist was accurate because I listen to a lot of J Cole, Dominic Fike, and Travis Scott.” She goes on to state that “The most surprising thing for me was Pitbull being in my top 5 because I only listened to him with my friend and I was shocked a different artist didn’t make the list.”

Whether you were The Adventurer, The Replayer, The Time Traveler, or the The Nomad, or whether or not you choose to revisit your Top Songs of 2022 playlist, your Spotify Wrapped this year is sure to be a fun way to close out 2022 and ring in a new year of music!