Seniors Win Powder Puff!


Kally Johnston

SENIORS WIN! The final score was 12-6. Last Thursday was Tahoma’s Powderpuff Game. The game took place at the high school and was the senior girls vs.  the junior girls. Many students and parents came to watch the game and support the girls!

Since the 1970s, high schools throughout the United States and Canada have participated in a yearly game of Powderpuff. This is a game of flag football played by teams of junior and senior girls against each other and luckily this year powderpuff returned to Tahoma! 

The game was off to an exciting start when the juniors were the first to score. The game continued on with the girls fighting to win the game of flag football. The seniors scored and the game was tied! Eventually, the game went into overtime and after a few light malfunctions, the final fight was on. Eventually, the seniors pulled through with a touchdown and won the game! 

The teams have been practicing twice a week since the beginning of October to prepare for the big game. Sara Gibson, one of the seniors on the team, shared how much fun she has been having at practice while creating new bonds with her teammates. When asked what her favorite part has been she says, “getting to know all of the girls and bonding with them.”

Sydney Sands, another senior on the team stated that her favorite memory so far have been creating their own touchdown dances and inside jokes! 

After the win, Sands added that it was a really great feeling when the seniors won. She enjoyed celebrating the happy moment with her newfound group of friends and of course the Bear Boys. 

Gibson also reflected on the game. She talked about how the game was a lot closer than expected and the anticipation of overtime made everything feel better when they won. She loved the feeling of the girls coming together and celebrating their hard work paying off. 

The girls that were interviewed for this article overall focused on how much fun it was to connect with other girls that they might not have before. Winning the game was amazing but the community they created along the way was just as good. Both Gibson and Sands recommend that girls in the future continue to do Powderpuff because of their great experiences. 

This is the first time Powderpuff has taken place since the beginning of Covid. It is important for the community to have these kinds of events to raise money for things like the PTA scholarship and also to bring together the school. So consider joining Powderpuff or the Bear Boys in the future to have a new and exciting experience!