Alexander J. Wharton, Writer

The coffee shop in the commons, funded by the PTA, has been open for only two weeks now, and people say it’s pretty good for unpaid voluntary service. And at times Bear Beans can be very convenient, especially when you need the energy to get through the school day. But is it worth the money? 


One Bear Beans customer, Ian Schmutzler, says “Oh yeah, They’re fairly good. Effectively all Starbucks really needs to operate is some syrup dispensers, a coffee machine, and the materials to make coffee.” Another customer, Logan Sancewich would agree, “I think they’re pretty good, but I think the main benefit is convenience and the price,” which shows that the coffee is great to most, but how is the service?


The service is excellent, at least said by another customer, Ava Carruolo who said “There very kind and they try to get everything done as fast as possible.” This states that they’re fast and kind which is amazing for people in a hurry. And from the looks of it there good at being efficient on managing peoples drinks as they taking orders. This gives them a really good look for their business.


My personal experience with the coffee shop was great. I ordered a pumpkin spice latte, and they were kind and acted experienced. They started creating my drink and only a few minutes later, around 1 to 3 it was done and ready to drink. The coffee itself was really good and wasn’t too hot to drink when it first came out. It tasted as good as a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. And the price ($3) for the drink was reasonable for a decent sized cup of coffee. From one to ten, I would rate my experience a nine. 


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