Tahoma Bear Beans

Up all night studying? Tahoma’s very own coffee shop, Bear Beans, is finally open!


Kamryn Raybell, Writer

Up all night studying? The one and only Bear Beans Coffee is here to help. Located in the commons, you’ll find delicious drinks served by our fellow bears. They serve things such as coffee, Italian sodas, lattes, cocoa and more!

Bear Beans is open in the morning starting at 7:15 before school starts so make sure you grab a cup on your way to class. Bear Beans is also open during power hour. This is the most popular time of the day for it so make sure you go first thing. The most popular drink is the blue raspberry Italian soda which is seen in people’s hands all around school.

Bear Beans only accepts cash, so if you are wanting a drink, make sure to have some cash on hand. There is pretty much nothing over four dollars so it’s not a big cost. A good non-caffeinated drink you can get is their hot cocoa. Hot cocoa is a very good choice right now especially heading into the end of fall and into winter. Another good option is the vanilla steamer which is warm milk with vanilla.

Bear Beans worker, Katelyn Raybell states, “It’s a great way for students to gain experience so they can take their newfound skills into the workforce.”

You need a Food Handlers Permit which you can complete online, to be able to work at Bear Beans in your future high school years. Lastly, Bear Beans has a lot of fun drink options and is great for a long day. Whether it’s summer, and you want a cold Italian soda or whether it’s winter and you want a hot cocoa, Bear Beans is here.