Toy Story Movie Review


Norther Pinneo, Writer

Toy story was a great movie from most people’s childhoods. Today we will go over the first movie and see if it still holds up today. In a world where toys are alive but pretend to be lifeless when humans are present. A group of toys from a boy named Andy are caught off guard when his birthday is moved up a week. As his family that includes him, his mother and his infant sister Molly are preparing to move the following week. Toys including Bo Peep Mr. Potatohead, Rex, Hamm, and Slinky Dog fear that they will be replaced by new toys from the birthday party. Sheriff Woody the leader of the toys send out army men lead by Sergeant with a baby monitor to spy on the party and share the gift results. 

They are all relieved they aren’t getting replaced, but then, Andy gets a surprise gift which is none other than Buzz Lightyear, who thinks he is an actual space ranger. Buzz shows off and impresses the other toys with all of his features. This encourages Andy to slowly grow to like buzz more than Woody. Woody attempts to trap Buzz behind a desk to go to Pizza Planet with Andy, but then manages to knock him out the window. The toys realize Woody’s jealousy towards Buzz and gang up on him but Andy takes Woody before they can actually do anything. Buzz hitches a ride in the van and the two start to fight in a gas stop. The two get left behind. This is one of my favorite scenes personally because it’s probably one of the more funnier ones. They get to the restaurant by a delivery truck and Buzz who believes he is a space ranger- despite Woody’s best attempts to tell him otherwise ends up getting them stuck in a crane game. 

A boy named Sid wins them both and takes them home. Sid is one of my favorite characters inside of this movie. The character was just really put well together. Sid’s house is full of mutant toys which Woody and Buzz become afraid of. Buzz sees an ad for himself while Woody tries to escape. but in denial, he tries flying out the window. He ultimately falls and breaks one of his arms. Buzz goes into a silent mode and becomes more of a liability towards Woody escaping. This event backfires horribly when Woody’s friends see Woody manipulating Buzz’s arm at the window. Woody restores Buzz’s confidence and tells him how much joy he can bring to Andy as a toy. The next day, the mutant toys and Woody help Buzz escape being launched on a rocket by Sid. They leave to try to get to the moving truck but Sid’s dog sees them. Buzz gets left behind while saving Woody from the dog. Buzz and RC retrieve Woody, but RC runs out of battery and they have to ignite the firework attached to it. Woody throws RC back into the moving truck as they are going up. They safely land into a box in the car right next to Andy who is shocked to find them.

This movie displays a great theme of friendship and honestly it is a great movie. Highly recommend, as in my opinion it deserves to be a 10/10, classic.