Star Wars Big Step in LGBTQ Representation

Armari Mayo, Writer

Star Wars is one of the most influential franchises, with an audience of thousands with one of the most diverse fan bases in history , it comes as a surprise to see the lack of LBGTQ representation in the mainline films and shows. This however would change with the new Star Wars show, known as Andor where two prominent characters are both

This is a huge step forward for the franchise, in the past past Star Wars has not shied away from the occasional commentary on political matters; however  these matters our usually things we all agree with like political corruption and greed our morally reprehensible, or exploring the formation of dictatorships, with that said the franchise has  generally and narrowly avoided the recent trend of identity politics, not delving into popular social issues of race or sexuality, seeing as many of these issues unfortunately have become an issue of

Prior to there were LBGTQ characters in  the background during Star Wars the rise of Skywalker,  however these characters were not characters , they were barely noticeable and could be missed if you blinked for but a second. They had no prominent dialogue or interactions or development in any sense they may as well have not been in the

This would soon change however with the newest star wars show Andor. Andor has an array of many new character some of them being Vel Sartha who happens to be revealed to be in a lesbian relationship with another character Cinta Kaz. Unlike the depiction in episode nine, this is an actual character of importance. They have a prominent role in the story being one of the leaders of the rebellion as well as having meaningful and engaging dialogue, and undergoing development. This is a big deal because LGBTQ fans our finally getting a character they can relate to , they can finally feel represented and have someone identified represented in the Star Wars

Something else that must be said is how this show tackles LBGTQ  representation .This story’s portal of LBGTQ is way better than most stories portrayals. Another issue that diverse characters can often suffer from is not being a character , often they are made perfect or next to, because portraying them in a negative light could reflect badly upon them however this has created somewhat of a disconnect between audiences and these characters. Unfortunately many minority characters have suffered from this, not just that in the LGBTQ. Andor however does not suffer from this as Vel and Cinta are actually characters who aren’t perfect and our  very human, there is more to their character then there sexuality which makes them relatable to everyone

In the show, Vel is the leader of a small rebel cell, planning to rob an imperial garrison. We see she is strong , and has a commanding presence and is respected by those who follow her. But she is also human, her mission doesn’t go perfect and even showing moments of fear and anxiousness but she pulls through. We see her show kindness at times, but she also shows moments of coldness focusing on her mission. Her girlfriend Cinta is much colder in general and is shown to be a skilled fighter there is less about her we know , but we haven’t seen much of her just yet , we do see nothing of them come into conflict , about balancing there relationship, human life and the cause they fight for making them both compelling and interesting.