Tahoma Bears Spirit and Sports


Isabel Valencia

If you are a Tahoma student or staff you might already know or have experienced the crowds and cheers that our sports teams get. Having that kind of support from your school, your fellow peers is a feeling unlike any other. Watching the crowd go wild is something that every player dreams of experiencing. At Tahoma Senior Highschool we pride ourselves in school spirit. And that is best shown at the Varsity Football games. When talking to some of the players on the Girls Soccer team there were a lot of the same responses… 

When asking Henry Trost , a sophomore football player at Tahoma Highschool, how it feels and affects his playing when pretty much the whole school is in the stands cheering the team on he said, “It’s a real hype boost. Hearing over 1,000 people scream and yelling for us to win really gets us all hyped up.” 

Although crowds can be a distraction for some teams, the Tahoma football team enjoys the crowd. As spectators we are always and only at these games to show our enthusiasm and school spirit for these Bears. 

Being included and a part of something is what everyone wants in life. “The brotherhood between me and my teammates and me and my coaches.” is why Trost enjoys his sport. 

Being a part of a community like Tahoma is a very empowering experience because you know that you will always be a part of a family. Especially when you are involved in sports or an extracurricular activity. Knowing that there are so many people that are there to support you and your journey is a part of the Tahoma Highschool spirit. 

Trost continued on about why he enjoys football by saying, “Some of these guys are gonna be my friends for the rest of their lives, and the bonds are the most important aspect of football.” There are some very passionate players on the Tahoma teams. They are being supported by their whole school to go for their dreams and also just have fun with those they might consider family.

Crowds are a major support system for the athletes at Tahoma. Its something that everyone would die for. And tahoma is always on top when it comes to the crowd section at the football games. Us Bears know school spirit in and out. Not only does being this huge crowd for the football team build their confidence during a game, but also brings the highschool community together. It forces us to socialize and meet others and that is always a good thing.