The 2022 Seahawk Season Official Review


Kieran Hoskinson, Writer

The Seahawks. These two words trigger something in your brain that makes men and women around Washington unite in cheers and screams of rage and joy. For me, not so much. I do not watch football. I know. I know your gasps of horror and chills running up your spine are indeed warranted at a time like this. I ask you to calm yourself because after all…what is better than a review on the seahawks…from someone who doesn’t watch football. Buckle up, keep your hands inside, and most importantly, enjoy the ride.

The Seahawks so far appear to have a total of 3 wins and 3 losses, keeping it even but not living up to the stories i’ve heard about the team with the “best defence” this year.     

There’s been a lot of talk about this being the first year without Russell Wilson in 10 seasons. I know, don’t panic, but I have never heard of this guy, but apparently he got moved to the Broncos which is also a big deal. Taking his place this year is Geno Smith after proving his superior skill to Drew Lock, the other quarter back nominee, both of these people, I have also never heard of. From what I have heard though, this Geno guy has a better record than Russell Wilson ever did so I think we’ll be okay. I can only imagine the sorrowed faces at the loss of Wilson to his fans, though.

To be blunt, the Seahawks haven’t won a superbowl since 2014. But, with this new aspiring quarterback, and team spirit following them into the game of tackling and throwing. Maybe, just maybe, it could be the year they win it all.