All about homecoming 2022-2023


Caralyn Beard, Journalist

October 21 and 22 the homecoming football game and dance will take place; these events celebrate the arrival of new students and the start of a new school year. Homecoming is a tradition that many students look forward to and has been taking place for many years. I gathered the opinions of senior student Cooper Kirkham and teacher Ms. Biggs. 

The first person I interviewed, Cooper Kirkham, is a senior here at Tahoma High School. When asked if he agrees that the homecoming events help build students’ community within Tahoma, he replied, “I think so, Leadership participates a lot with the events and the football games and dance help with the schools budget.” These events don’t only impact the student’s social well-being but also help fund money for the school’s budget by buying tickets and such. It’s important to keep Tahoma High School well-funded so we can afford extracurricular activities and necessities to keep the school running in the best possible way.  

 When interviewing teacher Ms. Biggs about the impact of homecoming events on students, Biggs answered “It’s a good opportunity to go and be social. So many events have been cancelled from Covid so it’s nice to be normal again.” The homecoming dance and football game is a way students build community with the school and peers. Keeping a student’s social as well as academic life entertained is beyond important and impacts youth in so many ways. Anyone of any grade is eligible to attend the homecoming football game or dance. To buy tickets for the dance, you can either order them online on the Tahoma High School website or at the cashier’s office near the east entrance. Although attending the events is optional, it’s highly encouraged in order to have a good time and support the school. It’s been an amazing start to the 2022-2023 year so far, and the rest of the year will continue to be amazing. Go bears!