Homecoming 2022: Post-COVID

This year, students return to a normal school year and homecoming after a rocky mid-covid 2021 school year.


Stormie Mwangi, Journalist

Homecoming; a high school game and dance welcoming back of alumni and/or other former members to celebrate the school.


Homecoming is about the most American school celebration there is. There is a big game and then a dance that almost everyone attends. People go all out for homecoming, hundreds spent on outfits and hair-do’s, fun spirit weeks, wild and loud games that students cross their fingers that they win, and of course, proposals. 


Homecoming 2021 at Tahoma was very different from previous years. The nation was still fighting COVID-19 after reopening schools, as well as the state. It was held October 16th and the theme was ‘A Night in New York.’


The theme was so big! Decorations from each graduating class on every floor, spirit week was participated in widely, and the bell song that week; “Welcome to New York” by Taylor Swift. Spirit week was easily the most participated in, Anything but a backpack, Meme day and Frat Boy Friday are just a few of the things we took part in. You all remember the guy with the trashcan as a backpack, right?


“The dance itself was not what I expected at all.” Keimani Leonard, a tenth grader at THS, states. 


The gym was adorned with fairy lights and on the back patio there was a fountain. They also had a caricature artist and a tent also on the patio.  


There was no food or actual dancing involved because of COVID but, they did have a poker table!


While I did not attend the dance, I did go to the homecoming game against Mt. Rainier High School. The school was very revved up to see Tahoma play. The student section was full and school pride was present at this game!


This homecoming will be a lot different than the last. The theme this year is ‘Party in the Pacific.’

The game is against Kennedy Catholic High School at 7pm. This year they have decided to host a tailgate complete with food trucks an hour before the gates open for the game. Halftime will include the marching band, prom royalty and fireworks. 


The dance will be at THS from 8-11pm. Unlike last year, all grades can attend in the same time slot. We have just completed our votes for spirit week and nominated our potential hoco court members. 


Homecoming is meant to be fun. It’s usually a few weeks after school starts, which gives us a two-day break from the stress of school. People get to go to a big game and almost lose their voices, then the next day they dress up and dance in a decorated gym. Some people say it’s the best part of high school, second to prom. At homecoming, you make memories that you’ll someday talk about and reminisce on what was “in” at the time. 


Homecoming is only a few weeks away, buy those tickets and propose to your date!