Community Creates Contentment


Ava Carruolo, Journalist

 Looking into tahoma athletics, they’ve had a remarkable chance at making their voices heard in athletics.

We all see “tahoma to state” or “Bears take the lead”.

 But what makes our school’s programs so strong? 

Thinking of a sport, all of our minds transition to team. A sport has a team and this team is the key foundation to any success. 

A reason why our school is always on top is because of our teams. 

 Head Coach of Tahoma football, Zack Myers gave his opinion on Tahoma’s  athletic success.

“Team bonding is responsible for all success really, having your guys come together and really figuring out how to play as a group and not as an individual is our key to victories.” Myers said. 

Team bonding has improved our athletes ability to step onto a field and be able to play as a pack. 

“My athletes hold each other accountable, we have 3 covenants, our second covenant is accountability through relationships and these guys have great relationships with each other so they can hold each other accountable.” He stated. 

The responsibility as a team player is to commit to what you decide. 

Now the big question, 

What makes Tahoma’s athletics better than other programs?

There are a ton of reasons why our athletes here are amazing at what they do but a big part of their success is unseen by any adult or reff. 

“Our kids work hard, this is not the case in most situations in other places, our facilities are amazing. We tend to forget about that because this school is our home and home is what it is but if you were to look at other schools facilities you can see how incredible our facilities are.” 

Tahoma’s administration is a supporting factor to our athletes success as well. 

It’s not just getting our kids involved in these after school sports. It’s getting our SCHOOL involved in the games, the races, the practices.

 All the work that is put into these kids are all highly supported by our administration. 

Another key success that we have is leadership. 

Leadership will always have a life depending role in our teams success. 

“I think leadership is developed overtime..i’ve seen guys grow over the season and become leaders..holding themselves accountable to the standard we set and this is where it starts.” 

Leaders have these  things, accountability, effort over everything, relationships and fearless competition.” Myers presented.  

Seeing this school’s strong athletics system and all of the components as to why it is how it is. 

There are many similarities from our school and the outside world of football. 

A professional football player, Mkristo Bruce whos played for Miami dolphins, oakland raiders, arizona rattlers, jacksonville jaguars, florida tuskers and oklahoma city yard Dawgz.  

“Doing what they were gonna do, integrity, leading by example.” Mk stated. 

Mk’s professional football career was strongly held together by exactly what tahomas teams have. 


“The biggest thing was getting everyone on the same page as a whole, you can’t win if you are not on the same page. Laughing together creates that balance, pain and joy turns to success.” 

Stepping onto a field only knowing one thing. 

That everyone else on the field loves to do the same thing. Play football. 

This is the same anywhere whether on a High School football field or a jacksonville jaguars field. 

Our only difference is the relationship between each player. 

Tahoma athletics shows a precise dedication to each and one another by using leadership, keeping each other accountable and their hard work that’s set for them. 

Athletes show team bonding, share laughter, finish a workout, and face a game or practice even when they’re scared. 

Our athletes want this pressure.

This kind of pressure pushes them. 

“They want the ball in their hands, they have a desire to finish the game, they want the pressure and most importantly never run away from it.” Mkistro explains. 

Our athletes show this kind of desire either playing on a field or running a race. 

They face the fear and stir it into a “electrifying” success as MK would use to describe his team. 

So back to my question in the beginning, what makes our school athletics program so strong?

Simply the leadership,the teams, and their desire to finish.