Tahoma Drama Club

This article informs us about upcoming plays and more about Tahoma Dram Club


La'Riah Britt-Secord, Writer


By La’Riah Britt-Secord 

Oct. 3, 2022


  The Tahoma Drama Club has got to be the best club at this school if I’m gonna be honest. They have so much fun performing for us all. The clubs’ director,  Mrs.Bean, and Mr.Riggs are the pivotal pieces in what makes this program successful. There have been 32 productions over the years, starting in 2010. With our newest play “The Play That Goes Wrong.” 

         According to Bean “‘The Play That Goes Wrong,’ is everything that could go wrong. The set collapses, props go missing and actors forget their lines. It is an actor’s perfect nightmare of everything that could go wrong.” A perfect play to top the two years of being separated by covid. Watching the actors practice the play I saw the actors really putting all their emotions and love into the roles they play and trying to prove that they want to give their all.

        “There are three plays this school year,” Bean says. “There is a straight play in the fall which is ‘The Play That Goes Wrong,’ and then will do a winter musical ‘The Lighting Theif,’ and ‘The Clockmaster’s Daughter’ is our spring play.” I think what really struck my interest in the plays is that there is only one musical the entire school year.

         “Joining the play you get to meet great people, we have a lot of fun, we build community. Everyone gets to take ownership. If people wanna work behind the scene then they could do hair and makeup, help build sets or they can act. There are a lot of different opportunities with different interests to come and work together,” Bean says. I can actually agree with what Bean said. As I was watching the actors rehearse, they seemed to have a lot of fun and they interacted with each other very well and just have the best time of their lives.

“Tickets go on sale for ‘The Play That Goes Wrong” on Oct. 21 and you can buy tickets at www.tahoma.org,” Bean says. 

After I was done interviewing Bean I decided to interview one of the actors. They seemed really energetic and very happy to be part of the play.

     “I’ve always been into musical theater and I’ve always been a part of acting and I felt like it was a good opportunity to be a part of something,” says Taleh

     “What I enjoy about the plays is being a part of the communities and the friends that are a part of it, because we honestly just slay.” When interviewing them I could tell that they absolutely loved being a part of the plays and having something to do to free up time.

       “I play Max, Cecil, and Arthur the Gardner. I love playing these roles because my main character Max is very fun and I also love playing those separate roles.” Taleh states. Their playing different roles show that there is a lot of dedication and a lot of work and time being able to pull off all three roles.

     “The energy is so loud, the energy is so vibrant, and everyone is so nice and so caring and you’ll just really enjoy yourself even if you play a small role or a big role it doesn’t matter, your gonna have fun, so like JOIN.” Taleh was filled with so much joy and excitement and I think she really wants you guys to join the play.

Watching the drama club perform was very fun and their vibes were so immaculate to see I got so much out of it and I would definitely go check it out.