Phone Privileges at THS

Audrey Menghini, Writer

People who go to Tahoma High School should be allowed to use their phones whenever it is necessary. I mean, we are in the 20th century and technology is advancing, phones will be around for a while. Our generation has grown up surrounded by technology including phones. Its a nuisance for teachers to be freaking out when they see a glimpse of a phone being pulled out.  

In most classes, teachers make their own rules for their phone policies.
It can vary from no phones at all to you can only take it out if you ask. This makes sense, right? Only to an extent. You see, what are students supposed to do during dangerous situations? What should they do when their parents text them about something important? These are scenarios that teachers and staff should keep in mind.

Any teenager would want to text their parents if they start to feel unsafe. Look at a relevant topic. For example, the lockdown that we had just the first couple weeks of school. Everyone started to freak out, pull out their phones, and text their parents. It’s an automatic action people do.

Another recent event was COVID-19. Teenagers have depended on their phones for over a year and are now getting in the swing of things. Freshman here at Tahoma High School, Pearl Thomas, says “COVID-19 affected phone usage because teens became reliant on their phones as a way to connect while in quarantine. It was definitely an escape from the terrible situation we were in.”

“ Phones became one of the only ways for teens to communicate with their friends. Online school affected phone usage too because there was no one there to stop us.”

 “ Phones were a way to stay safe but also feel connected to each other.”

Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In Classrooms? | Oxford Learning

As shown by these two quotes from two freshman students Amira Nesru, stating the quote on top, and Lily Dizon, stating the quote on the bottom, COVID-19 has given teens a different view on phones. This relates to school because students have built that kind of connection with their phones, and don’t feel like teachers must take it away from them. When people hear this, it’s almost sad that teens connect with phones this much, but what do you expect?

Teachers should see that teens look at things, such as phones, differently than what they do. every student has dealt with a teacher who has an absurd phone policy. In a Geometry class here at Tahoma High School, I asked a classmate of mine a simple question: What are your thoughts on the phone policy in this classroom?

Kitana Alegado stated “ She is a tad bit too strict about it. I get that you don’t want phones out, especially during tests, but her freaking out when you have your phone in your hand is a little extreme.” It is not fair for kids’ phones to get taken away. If teens respect teachers’ lessons  teachers should respect students’ phones. But education is also important. Getting your work done and paying attention in class is very important. If students can balance their education and the responsibility of using their phones, that shouldn’t be a problem for teachers.