‘We Were Liars’ – E. Lockhart, Book Review

Marifer Gonzalez, Writer

“But the thing that makes me really messed up is the contradiction: when I’m not hating myself, I feel righteous and victimized. Like the world is so unfair.”

 –  We Were Liars, E, Lockhart

We Were Liars eBook by E. Lockhart - 9781471403996 | Rakuten Kobo United Kingdom

‘We Were Liar’s is a story focused on the Sinclair family’s lifes during the summer on an island that they own named Beechwood (includes a family tree).  The island consists of four houses Clairmont, Red Gate, Cuddledown, and Windemere, in which the four different families live in.  The book starts off by telling us all about how perfect the sinclair’s are from their looks to the way they act and how they’re perceived.  Our main character Cadence Sinclair explains everyone’s back story including her own.  The story then goes on to introduce the liars Cadence, Mirren, Johny, and Gat, and the reason they were called liars is due to the fact that they were always causing trouble when they were younger then lying about it. Although it was always them four together, Gat had different points of view than the rest of the Sinclair family which makes him an outsider to it all even after all the summers spent on the island. The story takes a turn when Cadence suffers an accident that causes her to fall into memory loss and despair.  Summer after the tragedy Cadence finds herself on Beechwood island once again. Once she arrives on the island she sees that her grandfather’s house (Clairmont) is remodeled, after a while she notices that Clairmont isn’t the only change within the Sinclair family. Throughout the second part of the book, she spends 4 weeks on Beechwood island trying to figure out what happened before the accident and the aftermath of it, near the end of the book, is a heart-shattering plot twist that makes you gasp. We Were Liar is a story for those looking for a bit of mystery with a twist of love and heartbreak.