The Enneagram: What’s your type? And why you should drop everything to take the test right now!


Adaline McDowell, Journalist

Is it just me, or do you too stay up late at night wondering about your place in the world? When you stare up at the sky what do you see? The promise of rain, predictions of snow and immediately pack your bag for another coat, or do you amuse yourself by making comical faces in the angry thunderclouds, without slightest fear of their contents. 

Depending on how you answer the question, it already tells you something about yourself. Are you vigently scheming for the future and making plans? Or do you live day to day enjoying what each sun-up to sundown holds for you? 

Feel a bit torn between? Most people do. That’s why the deep thinkers and philosophers of this world have forever in history addressed the great quest of humankind; one for self worth and where you fit in the world, self discovery aka the purpose of life. 

Once people got past survival that is. For most, survival nowadays in America is handed to us on a silver platter. Now that the majority are not spending our days working to put food on the table.There is endless room to discover more about the colors of our souls. Dive into what makes us- well, us. What we have to offer this world…

All freshmen at Tahoma High School are lectured on Self Actualization, the theory of what one must do to become their own unique version of one’s self. 

This test, the Enneagram test (link) is just the tool to guide you on your journey to self actualization (assuming you’re invested) by broadening your view of your unique strengths, weaknesses, how you interact with people around you and even the lens through which you see the world. A playground or a coliseum, out to get you. Two very different filters to which you may use. 

If nothing else this is an excellent starting point for learning more about yourself and the person others may see you as. Sounds interesting right. 


Embedded is a (positive) overview for each of the 9 unique types of Enneagram. Remember no individual fits into a single box, the box has a way of shaping itself to fit us.


Enneagram 1. “The Perfectionist

Ones are the Atticus Finch’s of the world. They see the world through an optimistic lens of what it could be, and use their reform skills to correct it. They are deeply motivated by their strong sense of right and wrong, and take it as their personal duty to uphold it.

Enneagram 2. “The Helper

Two’s are some of the sweetest, heartfelt people you will ever meet. They are driven by their desire to nurture and better the social environment around them. If you’ve seen Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Frozen you may think of Theodore and Ana. 


Enneagram 3. “The Achiever

Three’s are strongly motivated by their drive for success. Their greatest fear is failure and they do everything they can to achieve, whether this being a monochromatic outfit or a varsity spot on the football team. Think of every underdog in a sports movie who ends up becoming a pro athlete, these are the threes of the world. 

Enneagram 4. “The Artist

Four’s are artists and see the world as a canvas, with them at the center of it. They detest most logic and opt to abstract ways of thinking, and experiment with boundaries frequently. They are Anne-with-an-E’s of our world and stand out in crowds. 

Enneagram 5. “The Investigator

Five are alert, insightful and curious. Their basic fear is being useless or helpless. They are the people on the outskirts of a conversation, following every word said and drafting their own dialogue and thoughts internally. They are Albert Einstein’s and great men & women of discovery in our world. 

Enneagram 6: “The Loyalist

Sixe’ s are protective parents, team moms, mamma bears and the most over-prepared people in any given scenario.They’re the type of people that, upon feeling a single raindrop dash inside, grab three extra coats and an inflatable raft, just in case. Since they deeply value security they spend their days maintaining this for not only themselves but those around them. 

Enneagram 7: “The Enthusiast

Seven’s are go-lucky adventures and enthusiasts who see the world as a playground. They have serious FOMO and their ultimate pinnacle of life is to enjoy it. It could be dumping rain and hail and a seven might say to you, “let’s go frolick!” Scattered and playful, enneagram sevens know how to turn lemons into lemonade. 


Enneagram 8: “The Challenger

Eight’s are the natural born leaders of this world. They have a strong sense of right and wrong and have no issue with being upfront and straightforward. They challenge tradition, theory and standards around them. Martin Luther King Jr is a famous eight. 

Enneagram 9: “The Peacemaker

Nines are peacemakers. They’re the friend that breaks up the fight, sibling’s go-to judge for settling arguments. Seeking companionship, security and love, They are the Harry Potters and Dorothy’s of our world. Fun fact! Curiously enough JK Rowling, genius writer of the Harry Potter Franchise herself, shares the same enneagram as her protagonist Harry Potter. 

There you go; a wrap of the nine unique Enneagram types.

To discover who you are, or perhaps confirm click here! – ( )

Note: Once you complete the test (this should take DEPENDING on your personality, 10-20 minutes) 

Your results should look something like this pie. 

WARNING: the website will attempt to trick a curious you into paying an unnecessary fee to view your full results; this is NOT necessary. 

*If you want to dive into deeper depths of your personality. Simply google search your top three Enneagram types to learn more about them and what they say about you- because they say A LOT. 

So much so, It’s almost scary. – A participant said to me 

Extra bonus: Can you guess my type based off my writing style? *Answer in the comments! 🙂