Elden Ring Review


Brenner Culp, Writer

Elden Ring, like all FromSoftware games, is perfect. But somehow even more perfect than others. Sekiro, eat your heart out, papas got a new favorite. Hidetaka Miyazaki (HM) has once again blown the gaming world out of the water. George RR Martin (GM) and HM make for such an awesome pair creating probably the most in depth and obscure stories in all of the SoulsBorne anthology 

Awe doesn’t begin to cover the feeling of taking your first steps into Limgrave seeing the Erdtree branches in the corner of your screen and you pan over to see it in its gargantuan glory. The lands between is undoubtedly the most diverse and biggest map in any FromSoft game. You start out in the very open and lush hills of Limgrave which contains a multitudinous amount of castles, swamps, convoys etc. immediately you’re presented with something that hasn’t been done in a FromSoft game, unlimited options. Yes in Dark Souls (DS1) and Dark Souls 2 (DS2) you have many options of where to go which is still fantastic but in Elden Ring the options are literally limitless. How many other games can you name that provides this?

The atmosphere of the game is utterly breathtaking once again from every corner of the map you can see the Erdtree sparkling in the distance. Biomes range from caves, fields, volcanos, underground worlds, and of course the FromSoftware traditional poisonous swamps. FromSoftware clearly made this game with the Intent to draw in new players with its bright feel and dark undertones and a refreshing combat system clearly designed with the idea of variety even more than previous FromSoftware games. 

I’m about 27 hours into my personal play through of Elden Ring and I haven’t even scratched the surface of the main story. I can’t wait to see what HM and GM have in store for the rest of the game. I’ll be sure to write a follow up later on in my play through.