5 Things to do on Valentines Day!

A Google search calls up fun images for Valentines Day.

Madison Forte

Alright, singles listen up. We all know that valentines day is coming up, and we as singles are kinda dreading it. So here are five things you can do as a single on valentines day.

1) Cry into a bucket of ice cream. No shame my friend, this is a good option. As this option is great we have to look at the pros and cons. Pros: salty ice cream is kinda underrated and good for advanced taste buds. Cons: Crying for too long can cause an abundance of unhealthy throwing up. As you can tell, this is a great option for those looking for a very interesting night.

2) Go on a very much-needed shopping spree. This is a good option for my ladies, Valentine sales are always wonderful. But as this option is seemingly harmless let’s look at the pros and cons. Pros: Never hurts to have more clothes. Cons: You gonna go broke my friend. As shopping is fun and all, I think we need to know how to be financially stable first, so this might not be the option for you.

3) Hang out with friends. Hey, I mean no one said valentines day had to be romantic. Palentines day sounds good to me, but there are some pros and cons. Pros: Hanging out with friends grows friendships and furthers connections. Cons: Sometimes hanging out with friends for too long can be irritating and short-lived. But never fear if you have good friends you’ll have a great time.

4) Watch a romantic comedy. Even if you are single, never let your relationship status stop you from enjoying a movie by yourself. I mean all is fair in love and popcorn. Pros: The number of romcoms out there is endless. Cons: watching said romcom can lead to emotional distress including; unnecessary crying, longing for a life partner, etc. Watch it to see your reaction.

And last but not least,

5) read a book. Reading is good for you so this is one of the best options for my singles out there. Pros: Reading can improve mental awareness. Cons: If the font is too little you’ll get a headache. Alright singles, enjoy your day. Take one of these wonderful ideas and take it to the stars.