Is Wordle Taking Over the World?

A game made out of love during the pandemic is now sweeping the nation as the newest word game sensation!

Is Wordle Taking Over the World?

Katelyn Raybell, Writer and Editor

If you’ve been on social media, your feed has probably been filled to the brim with tiny gray, green, and yellow boxes. Everyone meet Wordle. From being featured in SNL sketches to now being bought by the New York Times, Wordle is quickly becoming the biggest word game on the internet. But there’s a sweet story and a bit of a catch…

Josh Wardle (get it? Wardle, Wordle.) and his partner love board games, and he just so happens to be a software engineer. What better way to tell your significant other that you love them, than create an entire word game to cure their boredom during the lockdown.

The game is fairly similar to Hangman. You get 6 tries to come up with the 5 letter word of the day. Once you enter your word, the letters that are not in the word of the day turn gray. Any letters in the word of the day, but are in the wrong spot, will turn yellow, telling you to try entering it in a different way. Any letters that turn green mean that you have the right letter in the correct spot. It only takes about 2-5 minutes and is only available on the website, it is not an app.

Looks a little something like this when you’re done:

There’s one issue with the game that everyone is complaining about.

You can only play once a day!

If you’ve played, you know just how addicting Wordle can be. Mr Collette explained the the reason he likes Wordle so much is because “I’m an English teacher and it’s about words. It would almost be irresponsible of me not to play it. I also love word games and this just adds to the collection of word games I play.” He uses Wordle in his classroom as a warm up brain teaser for his students. “It’s an anticipatory activity. I start the day off with some kind of word puzzle. Once I discovered Wordle it kind of replaced those. The problem is, sometimes it takes time. Every once in awhile we’ll play at the end of the period.”

Wardle explained that he wants Wordle to be like a croissant. “A delightful snack.” that can be devoured every so often. “Enjoyed too often, and they lose their charm.” All you can do is sit there and watch as the time until the next puzzle gets closer and closer. Mr Collette says that “I like it once a day. Everyone is throwing their results out there. But since it’s once a day, we’re all equal.”

Of course, knock off Wordle apps are already available in the App Store so you can get around this. Games like Word Master, Hello Wordl, and Seven Wordles all allow you to enjoy more than one puzzle a day.

Scientists are already cracking the codes to help you figure out some of the best words to help you start off strong. You cant type in random letters (we’ve all tried), it has to be a word. Some of the words scientists are suggesting you use for maximum impact are:

Adieu, Orate, Radio, Roate, Audio, Stare, Teary, Maker, Cheat, Cheap, Yeast, Dreams, Tears

Those are only some of the most popular words to start with. Of course, if you’re desperate, you can Google the solution for the day.

For all my Swifties out there, Wordle (Taylor’s Version), aka Taylordle is now available as well. The same original Wordle concept, but with a Taylor Swift twist. All of the words are themed, and it gives you another excuse to solve another puzzle.

Happy Wordling!

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